A small monthly support can change the lives of hundreds of women and children in Memphis 


Your monthly giving will help us, training women and children, to fight back in life. Equipping them with the necessary tools to overcome Generational poverty or other traumas that Left them low in life. 



On the majestic banks of the Mississippi River is Memphis - Home of the Blues, Elvis and world-renowned barbeque. Named Most Giving City in 2017, Memphis is home to seven Fortune 100 companies including FedEx, named Fortune’s Top 10 World’s Most Admired Company. This is Memphis.


Memphis is Home to 620,000+ severely rent burdened families, 7,900+ homeless adults and 860 homeless children. Named one of the Poorest Cities in 2018, Memphis has 24.6% overall poverty and a 39% child poverty rate.


The Purdue Center of Hope - Home each day to 130 women and children including 20 single women unaccompanied by children who experience multi-generational homelessness, poverty, domestic violence and addiction. These are the people of Memphis and the Mid-South.


 Our Plan


The Salvation Army fights to end generational poverty, break cycles of violence and addiction, empower children to overcome adverse childhoods and position families for long-term self-sufficiency. This is the hope for Memphis and the Mid-South.


We fight to provide year-round outreach, holistic counseling and services
to those seeking help.


how will your investment change lives…


New Directions Family Residence

Provides individualized services to families with children who desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability that repeats generation after generation. It seeks to address the root causes of poverty in addition to The Army’s history of compassionate serving. 

Intensive Out Patient Program

Featuring a full spectrum of outpatient programs – education and prevention, assessments, case management and individual and family counseling – the intent is to allow clients to seek treatment while maintaining their work or school demands. 

Renewal Place

A 2-year residential recovery program for chemically addicted women and their children keeps families together while they work towards sobriety, employment, positive parenting and financial literacy.

AutoZone Single Women’s Residence

The only specifically designed shelter for single women in Memphis, houses up to 20 of our city’s most vulnerable individuals. Many experience homelessness or displacement due to underemployment or education,  or general life circumstances.

Youth Development Programs

The Purdue Center of Hope is home to more than 60 youth ranging from infants to 15 year olds. Focusing on intervention and education in the lives of their mothers and/or primary caregivers, coupled with wrap around family therapy, changes in the trajectory and future of our children is evident.

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