Changing lives through The Salvation Army Memphis Summer Camp Programs
April 1, 2019
Haylie’s Summer Camp Story – Forgiveness
May 2, 2019

What happens when your life just turns upside down? What happens when a series of catastrophic events just line themselves up in a woman’s life? Or, what happens when your previous generation’s decisions didn’t allow you to be exposed to real opportunities? We have seen this happening over and over to women and children in our city.

That’s why our hearts are passionate about restoring lives. “We Suit Up and Show Up every day, ” says Mrs. Sharon, Director of the Perdue Center of Hope’s, and that is the truth.


We Suit Up and Show Up every day,”


Why are we the best Long-term residential programming for homeless women in Memphis? Because more than 80% of women that graduate our program will never be homeless again.

We are far from perfect, but day-to-day we keep learning and improving our processes, we correct and adapt the course of our programs, our staff is in constant search for new ways to address the issues our residents face in their lives, and when you do that for more than 100 years you will learn a thing or two about transforming lives.

Although it is easy to see the processes running around our facility, the true process is happening inside of our resident’s heart. You see, they recognize that God is the constant element of their transformation. That’s why we proudly proclaim His name in everything we do, and we know that without Him this wonderful organization just wouldn’t exist.

Today we celebrate the lives of a group of women that decided to change the course of their generations. Today new, transformed, productive citizens, are back in our community. We applaud their courage, and we thank God for giving us the opportunity to see living miracles walking through our doors.

God bless Memphis and The Mid-South