Hundreds in Memphis & The Mid-South struggle every day to make ends meet

228 homeless women
217 homeless children
109 homeless families

according to the 2018 Point in Time count


The Salvation Army’s Purdue Center of Hope provides long-term residential care aimed at eliminating poverty, homelessness, addiction and violence.

Every day: We serve 25% of women, 36% of children and 34% of families experiencing homelessness.


Increase capacity at the Purdue Center of Hope and enhance the level of care through innovative programming, experts in the field and the love of Jesus Christ.


Capital Goal:  $8,100,000


Purdue Center of Hope:


To increase our capacity, we seek to both completely renovate our 20-year old Purdue Center of Hope and build additional pieces.

Over the span of 20 years, more than 13,000 individuals have sought shelter and help at The Purdue Center of Hope. The Salvation Army has been a great steward of this building, but time and people do take a toll on buildings. All parts of the current building will be upgraded.

Kroc Memphis:


The Salvation Army Kroc Center will also renovate its AutoZone Challenge Center to create an enhanced Kroc R.E.A.C.H. (after school programs) Child watch areas. Renaming this space,

The AutoZone Youth Development Center.

The welcome desk and front lobby will be reimagined and incorporate a coffee/tea and lounge area. First floor Fitness area will expand allowing all fitness activities to be held on the first floor. Our gymnasium’s indoor soccer surface will be removed and replaced with new all-purpose flooring and walking track.


Adult Rehabilitation Center


The Adult Rehabilitation Center will undergo a series of small renovations which will increase the production in Family Stores.

Camp Paradise Valley
$1,100,000 (Achieved!)


Five new cabins will be built to replace nearly 50-year-old cabins at Camp Paradise Valley, The Salvation Army Summer Camp located in Burkesville, KY providing increased living space, updated accessible cabins, new furniture, appliances, heating and air.



To learn more about these projects or to make a gift please contact Aaron Keegan, Development Director

or call 901-260-9120