Top sports for child development

Top sports for child development

Physiotherapists and pediatricians agree in affirming that sports practice brings great benefits in the training of people. Some sports are better than others for children between the ages of 3 and 12.

Even so, there is no list of forced sports or prohibited sports, European pediatricians specialized in sports medicine, state that "the recommendations of physical activity in pediatrics are based on performing exercise 3 times a week, with a minimum intensity of 60 minutes a day."

The choice of activity must be adapted to the age, physical condition, personal preferences and socioeconomic situation. Studies state that "the participation in organized sports must be based on the desire of the child (not the parents) being advisable always after six years."



Here is a list of the five most recommended sports:

  1. Swimming: It is one of the most complete sports. It has the advantage of being able to start at a very early age (3 years or earlier). It enhances some important aspects such as coordination, resistance, discipline and the relationship with other team buddies. In addition, it can correct or prevent possible postural problems such as scoliosis or hyperkyphosis.

  2. Group sports: From 6-7 years old you can start with complete sports such as basketball or volleyball. Lower and upper limbs are exercised. Good coordination and balance are developed, as well as team spirit and endurance.

  3. Martial Arts: These sports can be performed at an early age (from 4-5 years). Martial arts very beneficial for coordination, discipline, self-esteem and the relationship with other children.

  4. Cycling: This practice is recommended after 6 years. Increase agility, coordination, resistance and strengthen self-esteem.

  5. Athletics: It is a complete sport that can include races, jumps or throws. The age of initiation may vary from one practice or the other. It has similarities with cycling since it also favors coordination and endurance.

These activities stimulate physical, social and psychological skills very beneficial for the psychomotor development of the child: they improve coordination and resistance, prevent obesity, increase self-esteem and help to work in groups. One of the keys to the success of children's sport is the fun and well-being that it brings.

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