How The Salvation Army Memphis Women's Shelter changed Tiffany's life

Tiffany's Story

What do you do when you are out on the streets after losing your home and even worse, losing your children’s trust?

Well, that was the situation where Tiffany found herself one day. However, that was also what motivated her to seek help, which she found at The Salvation Army in Memphis, Tennessee Women's Shelter.

“I call The Salvation Army Memphis Women's Shelter my emotional sobriety” – Tiffany

Once Tiffany was willing to let God work in her life through our staff, she learned so many things that she didn’t know before.

Tiffany was introduced to new words such as Freedom, Compassion, Love, Grace and the true meaning of those words definitely changed her life.

We opened our women's shelter doors to Tiffany like we do for so many women in our community. Being in a stable environment and living with others that have had similar or more difficult situations, discovering true empathy for what each person is going through,  and working towards stability together inspires them and provides the perfect motivation to press on.

When you invest in The Salvation Army Memphis Women's Shelter, you’re not just saving a life like Tiffany’s, you save the lives of children and help us in our fight against homelessness, poverty, addiction, and violence in Memphis.