The Salvation Army Memphis Housing Program Changed My Life

When I first came to The Salvation Army Memphis Housing Program, I was lost, scared, I felt hopeless.

You see, being on the streets doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that starts as a consequence of multi-generational poverty. As your life progresses, you begin making decisions based on what you have been taught to be right, and there were so many wrong choices I made just because I thought it was “normal.”

One day, after many, many nights on the streets, I took a step forward and went to The Salvation Army. Believe it or not, that was one of the scariest decisions I have ever made. I needed to tell the world that I needed help, that I was hopeless… That I was homeless.

“The Salvation Army Memphis Housing Program Changed My Life”

The first few days or weeks after I was accepted in the programs were the hardest. Having to submit to The Salvation Army processes wasn’t easy because I was used to doing things as I wished, but I also knew that that way of thinking didn’t get me anywhere.

So little by little, The Salvation Army programs started to make a mark on me, started to renew that way I used to think, it began to renew my mind if you will.

Today I have a vision; I am in control of my finances, I got a job, and most importantly, thanks to The Salvation Army Memphis Housing Program I was able to get into my own home.

This is my story, and I will always be thankful to The Salvation Army.



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