Red Kettle Donors and Volunteers Thank You

Red Kettle Donor/Volunteer Thank You

This is a story about a battle. Believe it or not, it’s a real-life battle that happens every day, all around us.

It’s a battle against all the things in life that are hard. And, sometimes, people don’t win.

Today we celebrate a win for the city of Memphis and the Mid-South. Because of your generosity, this Christmas we exceeded our fundraising goal. That means more people will be helped, more families will be housed in our facilities, and more, many more, children will receive tutoring, after-school programs, and a roof over them and their mothers. 

Just in Shelby County, we help:

  • 36% of homeless children

  • 34% of homeless families

  • 25% of homeless women

These numbers just tend to increase every year, and, thanks to donors and volunteers like you, we will be there to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Love has an Army in Memphis. The Salvation Army. Doing the Most Good.