Haylie’s Summer Camp Story - Forgiveness

Haylie’s Summer Camp Story - Forgiveness

In my opinion, my parents weren’t meant to be parents…

I come from a home with a long history of abuse, drugs, and alcohol. My brother and I were neglected a lot, and I thought that since my own parents didn’t love me, who would ever love us… That was a hard part of my life.

Because of that, my brother and I had to move with my aunt, and there is when we first came to The Salvation Army.

In our community, The Salvation Army offers music, dance, drama classes, plus sports and outdoor activities, and those are amazing, but Summer Camp is really something I’m always looking forward to.

Last year, The Salvation Army Summer Camp allowed me not just to grow in my acting and music skills, but it really allowed me to experience God in a whole new level.

I learned about forgiveness, and how forgiving can set me free as I set free those who abused me. Then, during the last night of worship, I decided to forgive my parents…

Today I am a better person, I am an active member of my community, and I can say that The Salvation Army Summer Camp completes the education and training that we receive every week at our church or Corps as we call it 🙂   

I made a friend who has a similar background, and we continuously share scriptures, dreams, and that really makes me happy and gives me something to look forward to in life.