Changing lives through The Salvation Army Memphis Summer Camp Programs


Did you know that the equivalent of one month of a child’s overall learning is lost over the summer break? It takes 6-weeks of review by teachers in the new year to get a class back to where it was in May. Did you know that it takes as little as two to three hours a week to prevent this loss, and start our campers back to school better prepared than ever before? So not only will our kids be playing sports, creating music and art, but they will be learning skills needed to prepare them for their next school year through daily offerings of interactive education, technology, and computer skills.

Since 1 in 4 children in our community faces hunger daily, we also provide two meals a day plus snacks to combat food insecurity.

What do our children say about The Salvation Army Memphis Summer Camp?

Good food, fun counselors, and the experience to try new things are what make camp memorable for children like Jahnae. The first summer, being a girl from the city, she didn’t think Camp Paradise Valley on Dale Hollow Lake would be something she would like, but she decided to give it a try. Jahnae signed up for the outdoor path at camp and soon realized that it wasn’t at all what she expected — having to catch frogs and learn about their life cycle and ecosystem...gross! The most important thing to come from her camp experience was what the staff taught her about herself. Jahnae says “They taught me I shouldn’t be afraid of what I believe in, and that I am going to be a successful person.”


We need you to partner with us to ensure that 100 more children, just like Jahnae, have the chance to chase frogs. The opportunity to shoot a straight arrow. Learn a new skill in the Arts. But most importantly, a chance to have someone tell them to hold firm to their beliefs, and they can succeed. Your donation will help create a summer full of memories and experiences for a single child. Memories and experiences that someone like Jahnae will hold on to as they grow will draw on when things seem harsh and will see them through into adulthood. Can you do that for Jahnae and her friends?


[ Ways to Partner With Us! ]

  •    $300 Provides a week of Summer Camp for a child

  •    $50 provides a backpack with items like camp shirts, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, flashlights, and bibles.


Let’s gives children in our city an opportunity to thrive in life!