5 simple techniques to help your child be better steward of time and technology

5 simple techniques to help your child be a better steward of time and technology

We live in the age of technology, that is not debatable. Mobile phones are already small handheld computers, whose use for calls is becoming smaller. Children seem to have been born with a smartphone in their hands. As is logical, our children are not separated from their phones/tablets even a moment. If this is your case, look at these seven keys to treat a child addicted to the mobile.


1 -Live by example

First and foremost, set an example. If you are hooked all day on the phone, with apps, social media, calls, etc., what are you going to demand from your children? It will be incongruous to tell them that it is only used at certain times.


2- Set a schedule

Agree what moments are mobile free. Explain, for example, that lunch and dinner are to be in family and comment what has happened to you during the day. For that, turn off the television and set aside the phones and spend that quiet time, talking without interference.


3 - Turn it off at bedtime.

Electronic devices affect the quality of sleep. They stimulate areas of the brain that can not rest well, which translates into nervousness, irritability, and fatigue. Therefore, the use of technology is bad for getting you to sleep. The best and most relaxing alternative would be a book.


4 - Get a limited data plan.

By limiting the amount of data your child can understand that things are not given away or can be squandered, but that responsible consumption must be done. This way, you will educate not only about the use of technology, but also about stewardship.


5 - Plan off-line activities

Do activities together as sports, excursions, trips, games, restaurants, etc. To make it more attractive, you can invite a friend. This way they will not isolate only with their phones, and realize that real life is much more fun than virtual life. 

With patience, common sense and these keys, little by little you will get your child to stop being a mobile addict and use it in a reasonable way. We know it is a difficult time to be a parent, but do not despair, remember that you also passed it and both you and your parents survived :)

At The Salvation Army Memphis, we plan constant activities to keep our kids active. Playground time, sports time among others are our favorite activities to get our children active at the shelter.