Community Worship Centers

Our Community Worship Centers serve as places of worship and centers for all Salvation Army activities, ministries and other services. At our Corps, you will find a variety of programs including worship services, Women’s Home League, youth activities and recreation.

Purdue  Corps

The Purdue Corps, established in 2017 is the expansion of the Winchester Corps joining with the pastoral care at the Purdue Center of hope in response to the needs of the local neighborhood.

Pastoral Leaders:  Majors Curtis and Natalie Sayre


Kroc Corps

The Kroc Corps, a merger of the historic Ben Lear Citadel and Southside Corps, relocated to the Kroc Center when it opened in January 2013. With an ongoing worship schedule, regular youth activities, and outreach programs in the Binghampton and Orange Mound communities, it continues to be a hub of ministry in the Cooper-Young area.

Captains Hoon and Judy Chung