Fight for the hungry, fight for the homeless and fight for the hopeless. 
The Salvation Army Memphis has issued a call for action. As one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the Mid-South and the US, with a network spanning the country, a presence in every ZIP code and a structure akin to the military, The Salvation Army Memphis is asking YOU to join the “Fight for Good.”

Who we fight for?

We fight for women, children, stable families, education, growth, safe and affordable housing, advocating for our friends and neighbors.

How we fight?

Providing year-round outreach, holistic counseling, and services to all those seeking help.

Who we fight with?

We are proud members of of the community partnering with a host of corporations, churches, and civic groups: “Fighting and Doing the Most Good.”

Join the fight.


Donate monthly.

Work with us.

Single Women’s Lodge

Renewal Place

New Directions

Purdue Corps

During the holiday season, over 3 million families rely on The Salvation Army to provide them with a warm meal or toys for their children on Christmas Day. Donating to the red kettles also allows the Army to serve nearly 25 million people a year by providing over 10 million nights of shelter and 56 million meals a year, along with substance abuse recovery programs, after-school programs, and emergency shelter for children and families in need.